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Matching Game Weekly update! (Version #2)

Check out this week’s update on the matching game! Think you know your ways around this set of maritime equipment? Click the link and see! Missed last week’s game? You can still try it out using the link below:  

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Morse Code Translator Game

In this game, test your knowledge of Morse code by translating given words into Morse code. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate dashes (-) or dots (.) That would correspond to the English words shown. Here’s the link to the game:

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MMNC Gamesssssssssss

Hey everyone, MMNC just created new games for everyone to play, so visit our games tab on MMNC’s website and play any of the games you like. Leave us a like and or comment which game you like the most. We are open to suggestions, so don’t be shy. Thank You everyone for the constant […]

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Thank You For Your Donation

The Museum of Maritime Navigation and Communication would just like to say thank you to Murray Gottlieb for the Astrolabe. Every piece of Equipment you all donate or any type of support we get from you all is always appreciated. So thank you again Murray for this fine piece of Equipment. #MMNCNY  

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