Radio Direction Finder

A radio direction finder can determine the direction from which radio signals come with great precision. By taking two or more readings from radio beacons the navigator can, by using a chart showing the location of the beacons, determine the position of own vessel. Beacons are identified by a code, often a two or three letter Morse code. The codes are shown on the charts.

The RDF can also indicate the direction to another vessel, whether the vessels are to meet, and more importantly if a vessel is in distress.

ITT Mackay Marine – 4004A

Manufactured by: ITT Mackay Marine

Model: 4004A

Radio Frequencies: 200-550KHz






Radio Corporation of America – AR-8714C

Manufactured by: Radio Corporation of America

Model: AR-8714C

Power Requirements: 115VAC

Radio Frequencies: 190-520KHz









C Plath Hamburg – GPE277

Manufactured by: C Plath Hamburg

Model: GPE277

Radio Frequencies: 240-540KHz, 2.12-2.24MHz

Power Requirements: 220/115VAC, 0.1/0.2 Amp or 24V/12VDC, 0.5/1.0 Amp

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