National Radio Day (August 20)

National Radio Day was on August 20th. Radios are very important throughout many industries, including music, television, communication, news, sports and navigation. Although the radio was invented by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895, many scientists and engineers contributed to its development along the way. In fact, in 1892, Nikola Tesla (see historical narrative image for Nikola Tesla below) created a prototype for the radio that was used later by Marconi. Public radio broadcasting was invented by Lee deFrost in 1910; the first radio news program broadcasted on August 31, 1920; and the first online radio station, Radio HK, debuted in 1995. Also, during World War II, radios were used for what President Roosevelt called the Fireside Chats. He held radio chats to keep the nation updated on and help them get through the Great Depression and the War. To this day, the maritime industry uses radios on ships for communication and navigation. The radio that is used globally for communication between ships and the shore is called a VHF radio.

Created By: Anika Thakkar, Kristen Farhat & Kate Farhat

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