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National Baked Scallop Day (March 12)

March 12 is National Baked Scallop Day! Scallops are a type of Bivalve Mollusk that live in saltwater. Fun fact: Scallops use an adductor muscle that allows them to open and close. This muscle is actually the part we eat. The New Jersey Scallop Industry is a force to be reckoned with. In 2013, Scallops […]

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The oldest lighthouse in the world is the Pharos of Alexandria, which was built from 280 to 247 BCE in Pharos, Alexandria, Egypt. It is about 400 feet. In 1303 A.D, it was destroyed by an earthquake and some ruins remain. Later, in 1480, the Sultan of Egypt at the time built a fort on […]

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MMNC Scavenger Hunt

After touring the museum, have some fun with our scavenger hunt. Clues: ______ A way of communicating through dots and lines ______ a tool used to indicate the depth of the water through the transmission of pulses ______ a tool used to communicate with on-deck crew members ______ a tool used to indicate the direction […]

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Elementary Morse Code Presentation- STEM Learning

The elementary series of the Morse Code Presentation will go over Morse Code in a way that children ages of 5-8+ can understand. The presentation will have various videos and small challenges the students will go over as the presentation progresses, allowing them to become more engaged with learning about Morse Code and its usability. […]

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Morse Code Presentation- STEM Learning

This presentation will focus on the usage and history of Morse Code and how it was used in maritime. The presentation will go over how to learn Morse Code in both reading and writing while also going over its importance. There will be slides that give questions in Morse Code that the viewers have to […]

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Elementary Compass Presentation- STEM Learning

As part of our elementary series, we would like to present our program about the compass. There is a presentation available for everyone targeted for children ages 5-8. It teaches kids about the basics of what a compass is, how to read it and the terms that go along with it. It’ll spark their interest […]

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