MMNC Scavenger Hunt

After touring the museum, have some fun with our scavenger hunt.


  1. ______ A way of communicating through dots and lines
  2. ______ a tool used to indicate the depth of the water through the transmission of pulses
  3. ______ a tool used to communicate with on-deck crew members
  4. ______ a tool used to indicate the direction and speed of the wind
  5. ______ it allows rapid communication between ships or between a ship and land station
  6. ______ a tool that provides information about the weather to ships at sea
  7. ______ it sends a distress signal when a vessel sinks
  8. ______ it is located in front of/adjacent to the steering stand
  9. ______ it was used as a way of voice communication with a shore or ship telephone
  10. ______ a tool used to determine the direction of radio signals

Created By: Fiona Feng, Raiyan Kownine & Xavier Suarez

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