Navigation Presentation at Our Lady of Good Counsel School 11/14/22

The museum gave a class presentation to the 1st Grade of Our Lady of Good Counsel to demonstrate different navigational tools and the history surrounding them. This presentation involved a basic Powerpoint on the different navigational tools and why people use them. The navigational tools discussed included the early compass, modern compass, maps, nautical charts and the compass rose. After this discussion, the presentation culminated with two coloring exercises and distribution of a compass handout. 

The museum gave a second class presentation to the 4th Grade at OLGC. This presentation covered similar material and topics; however, the main difference was the level of detail. For example, the history surrounding the use of navigational instruments and the impact they had on navigation were discussed. Navigators such as Giovanni Verazzano, Henry Hudson and Estevao Gomez were mentioned in relation to being the first navigators to visit the New York Harbor. Equipment such as the sextant were put on display to give the class a better understanding of the equipment used to navigate. The discussion ended with a tutorial on how to make your own compass using a magnetized sewing needle, wax paper and a bowl of water. The presentation concluded by handing out a small compass to each individual student.

Created by: Thomas Laub

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