Marine Weather Facsimile

Facsimile (fax) is a means of providing weather information to ships at sea.  The information is presented as a chart (map), showing barometric high pressures, low pressures, pressure gradients, wind speed and direction, and temperature.

Schedules for facsimile weather broadcast were provided in marine publications and could also be sent via facsimile.

Early Facsimile recorders (into the 1970's) required a navigator to listen for a signal, select the correct speed, start the recorder and manually synchronize the recorder with the signal.  In the 1970's fax recorders became automatic, starting at a start signal, synchronizing before the text of the broadcast, then stopping when the end of the broadcast is received.

Alden – Marine Fax IV

Manufactured by: Alden

Model: Marine Fax IV

Power Requirement: 12VDC 4 Amp

Operating Frequencies: Synthesized 2-25KHz





Furuno Electric Co. Ltd – FAX-143II

Manufactured by: Furuno Electric Co. Ltd

Model: FAX-143II

Date of Manufacture: 1982-4

Power Requirement: 115/230 VAC

Operating Frequencies:  3-23KHz

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