More Sailing News for National Learn to Sail Month

1) Despite the unusual circumstances due to the pandemic, the Bayview Yacht Club still held its annual Bayview Mackinac Race on July 11. Race Chairman Chris Clark speaks on how it has changed this year, and what they have done differently in an interview about this competitive freshwater distance race. Although other Midwest sailing races, including the Newport Bermuda Race and the Chicago Mackinac Race, have been canceled because of COVID-19, Clark talks about how his team has prepared for this race and their efforts to make it as safe as possible. They have reduced the number of sailors and workers, shifted many of the documents and resources to online, and taken the necessary health precautions. To make the event possible, Clark advises everyone to be flexible, as his team has worked hard to plan the race.

2) Recently, it has been announced that the 2020 Aloha Classic is canceled due to this global pandemic. This was a measure taken as a precaution to protect people and slow the spread of the virus. There is an online challenge though that will still be going on as planned. There are no risks involved in proceeding with this challenge, as people can submit videos or images of themselves riding big waves from any location with the hashtag #IWTBIGWAVE. Thankfully, this event can still continue despite this pandemic, and it is something many are looking forward to.

3) America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sporting history, as it began in 1851. It’s formatted like a match race where teams compete with each other one on one. This year the cup is taking place in Auckland, New Zealand. Some recent news of the cup includes the American Magic embarking on a challenge to sail the Waitemata. American Magic, the New York Yacht Club’s America’s Cup team, became the first to sail on Waitemata Harbor. Their sailboat, the Defiant, docked at 10:40 am, right when the wind was in their favor. Although having not sailed for 5 months due to COVID-19, American Magic performed exceptionally well on the Harbor, thanks to the Defiant’s crew and the “wind gods” as Skipper Terry Hutchinson put it.

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