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Compass Presentation- STEM Learning

As part of our STEM program, we would like to present our presentation about the compass. It’s an important navigational tool that most of you know about. Children of all ages and adults are welcome. This presentation will go more in depth on your basic knowledge of this nautical tool and give more insight on […]

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MMNC Kahoot Series

MMNC is proud to introduce our own Kahoot! website (game-based learning platform). We will be updating this on an ongoing basis. The elementary series is live now which includes quizzes on the museum, books, compasses and Morse Code. Check it out! Created By: Fiona Feng, Raiyan Kownine & Xavier Suarez

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MMNC Virtual Book Club

MMNC is excited to be starting a virtual book club. Children of all ages and adults are welcome. Our first program will be the elementary series. There will a virtual book read aloud for children ages 5-8. See below the books that will be read during this series. If you are interested in joining us, […]

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